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Sugar Law Group provides commercial dispute resolution and litigation services for a variety of circumstances in all industries.  

We take a different approach to commercial litigation cases and dispute resolution than many other litigation law firms.  As our firm's roots are in commercial debt collection, we use many of the same tactics and strategies gleaned from our debt collection practice to influence our regular commercial dispute and litigation services.

More specifically, Sugar Law Group makes a concerted effort to resolve disputes at the pre-litigation stage. If informal negotiations are insufficient to resolve a dispute, we are prepared to work with the opposition and elevate the matter to a formal Alternative Dispute Resolution format, like mediation or arbitration.

If we are unable to resolve a matter without proceeding with litigation services, we are fully capable and competent in providing representation for clients in Small Claims Court and Superior Court litigation proceedings all the way through to enforcement, if necessary.





Assessment and Advisory
Attempt Pre-Litigation Resolution

Services Provided

Sugar Law Group provides a variety of different dispute resolution and litigation services

Areas of Service

  • Debt Collection

  • Transportation Law

  • Commercial and Business Disputes

  • Construction Disputes

  • Commercial Real Estate Disputes

  • Employment Disputes

  • Factoring and Lending Disputes

  • Insurance Disputes

  • Commercial Fraud Matters 

  • Directors and Officer Liability 

  • Corporate Errors and Omissions

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution


In order to get started - Send us an email using the portal on this page, call us at the number provided below, or meet us in person.

Following a preliminary discussion, we will quickly set you up so that you can submit your dispute for review and so that we can start working for you.

Get started by sending us an email using the portal below!
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