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Make A Payment

You can make a payment in one of the following ways (always provide your docket number with payment):

1. Payment Portal - Log onto our secure payment portal and pay with pre-authorized direct deposit or credit card at the following link: 


Payment Portal

2. Pay over the Phone - Call our office and arrange for a pre-authorized direct deposit from your bank account or payment by credit card. 

In order to pay by direct deposit or credit card over the phone, you must complete, sign, and return the correct document below to  

Direct Deposit                                                    



Credit Card                                                         

3. Bank Deposit - Deposit the money directly into our Trust account at CIBC.  Please contact our office so that we can provide you with the deposit information.

4. Money Wire - Send us a money wire. Please contact our office for money wire instructions.

5. Email Money Transfer - Send us an email money transfer.  Please contact our office for email transfer instructions. 

6. Send us a cheque or bank draft payable to 'Sugar Law Group, in Trust'

Tel:  (647) 479-8960 | Email:

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